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Kids SOLO Kit
Kids SOLO Kit
Kids SOLO Kit
Kids SOLO Kit
Kids SOLO Kit
Kids SOLO Kit
Kids SOLO Kit

Kids SOLO Kit

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The SuperShrunks™ face masks are re-usable/ washable and provide daily protection against dust, small particles, ash, pollen and much more. Using high quality, strong, eco-friendly materials, our masks are both comfortable and durable. Features fun and inspirational images and messages. Each mask comes in a protective sleeve, while every kit features a convenient protective mesh washing bag.

 All in the Details

  • Double stitched for extra strength
  • Protective and removable PM2.5 filters for additional protection
  • Nose Bridge stabilizer
  • Designed for supreme fit, performance, and protection
  • Kid mask (3.25” x 6’’) 
  • Age recommendation: 4-12 yrs

This kit contains:

1 x Kid Mask


2 x PM2.5 Filters


1 x Mesh Wash Bag

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PM2.5 Filters



How do I put on a SuperShrunks face mask?

Before putting on your SuperShrunks face mask, be sure to clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Pick up the mask by the ear straps. Place the mask on your face with the design facing outwards.

Secure the mask with the ear straps behind your ears

Ensure the mask covers your nose and mouth and is secure under the chin.

Avoid touching your mask with your hands while wearing it. If you must touch you mask, thoroughly wash your hands before and after.

Re-usable, easy washing, hygienic, economical

  •  Easy to clean and dry quickly, masks and filters can be used in a washing machine and dryer
  • Convenient mesh washing bag protects masks and filters during washing cycle
  • Excellent insulation, heat retention and durability so it can withstand multiple washes

Unique product design for supreme fit

  • EarGrips™ provide security and enhanced performance, creates less pain in the ear area than disposable masks.
  • The elastic bands adjust to fit your face shape.
  • Double stitched mask for extra strength.


Safety standards
and design features

Wear one. Give one.
Pay it forward.

Why wear a mask?
See CDC recommendations