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We’re all in this together. Let’s all do our part.

We’re supplying thousands of free kid-sized SuperShrunks face masks to those in need. Let’s send them to children around the world to broaden the use of face masks.

Inside each SuperShrunks family kit, you’ll find one free kid sized mask to pay it forward to a child in need. You can give it a child near you or send it to someone anywhere in the world. The free mask will be inside a mailer envelope – simply address, add postage and pop it in the mail.

Once that child receives their mask, please ask them to plot their location on our world map . That way we can see what kind of impact we can make collectively. If you want to share your experience on social media, please use #SuperShrunks, so we can all see the joy that’s spreading!  

When you wear and share, we can reach more people and multiply mask usage all over the world. One small action can make a BIG difference.


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