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Talking to your children about wearing a mask 

Your child might be confused about why they’re being asked to wear a mask for the first time, or why they’re suddenly surrounded by adults who are.
Talk to your kids about their safety and the safety of others.
Most kids can feel comfortable seeing people in masks, as long as adults: 

  • Use simple words to explain why people are wearing masks.
  • Give kids time to look, watch, and get used to what’s new. 
  • Answer kids’ questions. 
  • Provide support

One way to prepare our little ones is to let them know they’re wearing masks to make sure they don’t spread germs to other kids, parents, grandmas, and grandpas. Using the term “germ” might help them see more clearly the importance of wearing the mask.

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Wear one. Give one.
Pay it forward.

Why wear a mask?
See CDC recommendations