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Meet Sajeeta –
The inspiration behind SuperShrunks Face Masks 

A compassionate change maker trying to make a difference to the world.
Global Citizen: A Canadian, living in The Hague, The Netherlands. 

Sajeeta came to the Shrunks because she couldn’t stand by and watch the negative effects COVID-19 was having on the physical and mental well-being of families across the globe. As a seasoned researcher, she was compelled by the data suggesting that wearing face masks was a necessary and viable solution for the world to return to some level of normalcy.

The idea sparked for Sajeeta while she was having a FaceTime chat with Amara, her 12-year old niece. Despite the controversy on the topic of face masks, Amara said she really wanted to wear a mask, she thought they were “cool” but didn’t know where to find one that looked good and also fit her face. And so, the inspiration was born to offer masks with fun, flair and a purpose that would give youth the opportunity to lead the world in overcoming the social stigma of wearing one. And this, is how SuperShrunks’ face masks started.

Sajeeta came to The Shrunks with the idea to collaborate on this project. Beyond the idea itself, Sajeeta’s the perfect for The Shrunks as a seasoned businessperson. She brings over 25 years of professional experience including leadership work with charities. She was a former Director at both Muscular Dystrophy Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society, and over the years has been an active volunteer for UNICEF, Amnesty International, Immigrant Services Society and New West Pride.

Sajeeta has been a driving force in bringing SuperShrunks to life, all the way from the concept to delivery. She created “Wear and Share”, a way to pay it forward to kids around the world. We’re supplying thousands of free kid-sized SuperShrunks face masks to those in need. Every Family Kit includes one free kid's mask that can be sent anywhere in the world. The package includes a mailing envelope that you can simply address, add postage, and pop in the mail.

With this partnership between The Shrunks and Sajeeta, we hope to change the world one little face at a time.

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