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Voted "Best Air Mattress for Children" by

We are proud to say that our award-winning Tuckaire™ Toddler Travel Bed has added yet another achievement to its trophy case.

The critical team of editors from the in-depth ranking platform reviewed over 150 products and awarded our inflatable toddler bed as the Best Air Mattress for Children. 

faveable - ranking the best

"If you want an air mattress specifically for your child, this is the one for you. It's durable, comfortable, and built to be incredibly user-friendly. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed stood out above the competitors and as a result, we recommend it to our readers as being best in its class."

The Shrunks Indoor Toddler Travel Bed Trophy Case

For over 10 years, our air beds for kids have received numerous awards and recognition for design and safety. The recognition we receive motivates us to work harder and do even better - to continue improving our products and customer service. It takes us back to over a decade ago, when the company first started. Our goal then was to make life fun and safe for kids, wherever they were in the world. 

This goal still holds true for us today. 

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