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Update as of Monday, June 29th

Dear Friends, family and new customers: In our effort to keep you updated on the latest developments in terms of the physical product release date, we are sorry to inform you that the shipping date has to be moved further back due to additional delays in the manufacturing and shipping process.

As the situation evolves, we are receiving ever-changing dates due to changes in regulations and new outbreaks. While these circumstances will in no way impact the quality of the product, they keep delaying the release date as they disturb the coordination between the individual points of supply and logistic.

In order to prevent any further delays on the official shipping date, we are going with the worst-case shipping date of July 30th, 2020.

We understand that this is a large delay considering the initial release date. Our original estimations aligned with regular manufacturing, handling and shipping windows, which we were unfortunately not able to meet within our supply chain due to the global slowdown in delivery of goods and material sourcing, caused by the pandemic.

In order to emphasize how grateful we are for your continued patience and the early trust you put in us by preordering, we are slashing another 30% off of all pre-orders made to datewhich works out to a 50% total discount. We will directly refund you the discounted amount via your method of payment.

If you do not wish to wait any longer, simply reach out to:
with a quick note to cancel your order – we understand and share your frustration and will process your request immediately.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments or feedback you might have for us - we are always here to help.

With our thanks, 

David Cirjak
Founder and Director - The Shrunks, SuperShrunks

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